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Why Experience Matters

diplomaHaving the knowledge does not necessarily mean you have the skill. Applied to the legal arena, just knowing the law isn’t enough. Having the skill to apply the knowledge to a given situation is key. The law is open to interpretation, evolution, and constant change. Many things factor in to what occurs in any individual case that may have no bearing on rote knowledge of black letter law. And this is where experience is key.

An experienced defense attorney is one who knows the particular proclivities and politics of their local court system. Experience is knowing who to talk to, and when, which surpasses obstacles that otherwise could lead to a negative result. Experience is knowing when you’ve obtained the best possible resolution and when to take a case to trial. These things cannot be found in a book. The only way to obtain these skills is through practice.

Experience also teaches you that you can’t know everything. It teaches you that networking is key and that having the ability to draw on other attorneys’ experience is also a vital component of a well-rounded practice. Having other attorneys turn to you for answers to questions is also part of it.

My practice has allowed me to gain a wealth of experience in representing clients. Knowledge of the law, experience with some of the finer aspects of criminal defense, and a network of professional peers combine in my practice to provide a service that clients can trust. Clients should expect no less than a well-rounded, experienced attorney. And that is what I offer.


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