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Why Hire a Traffic Attorney?

In short, an experienced traffic attorney can save you money and hassle. A traffic attorney works to obtain the best possible outcome for your traffic ticket. In Ohio, this generally means the traffic attorney is working to have the ticket dismissed, reduced to a non-moving violation, or reduced to a no point violation. Any of these outcomes can save you on insurance rates and avoid the hassle of a license suspension because of points.

If your job requires driving, you cannot afford to have your drivers license suspended. No drivers license equals no job. Even if your traffic ticket does not put you at risk of suspension, your employer is not going to be happy if their insurance is increased due to your driving record. This may effect your job. Hiring a traffic attorney can help you avoid these situations. In some instances, your employer may even hire the traffic attorney on your behalf.

Those with a CDL drivers license should always consult a traffic attorney before paying a ticket. There are specific laws that apply to a CDL license that can lead to quicker suspension. Add to this the insurance concerns, and there is no reason not to consult with a traffic attorney concerning the ticket. If you are an out-of-state CDL driver, in many instances, a traffic attorney can avoid your having to appear in court to contest the ticket.

In sum, a traffic attorney can:

  • Make sure you recieve the best possible outcome
  • Protect your legal rights and driving record
  • In some instances, avoid your having to go to court
  • Negotiate effectively with prosecutors and judges
  • Help you avoid some of the stress involved in getting a ticket
  • Save you money and hassle

Ohio traffic attorney Jeff Reynard is experienced in representing clients on traffic tickets. As a traffic attorney, he has helped numerous clients avoid points and save money on their insurance.


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