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Driving Under DUI Suspension

If you are convicted of an OVI, the court is required to suspend your license. If you drive during this suspension without privileges from the court to do so, you risk being charged with Driving under OVI suspension.

Driving under OVI suspension is a misdemeanor with mandatory minimum jail terms, mandatory minimum fines that start at $250, license suspensions for up to a year, and immobilization or criminal forfeiture of the vehicle involved.

On a first driving under OVI suspension offense, the court is required to place you in jail for a minimum of 3 days, and can impose up to 180 days in jail. This can only be avoided if the court determines that there is insufficient jail space during a certain period of time, and, if avoided, leads to mandatory house arrest with electronic monitoring of at least 30 days. Additionally, the following are required: a minimum of $250 fine up to a max of $1,000; a mandatory suspension of up to 1 year; mandatory immobilization of the vehicle and impoundment of the license plates for 30 days; and mandatory yellow license plates if limited driving privileges are granted.

Prior driving under OVI suspension convictions within 6 years significantly increase the mandatory minimum punishments the court is required to impose. A 3rd offense, for example, increases the minimum jail time to 30 days and subjects the vehicle to a possible forfeiture to the State.

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