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The chart below outlines some successes from 2014. No attorney can win every case, so individual results vary due to many factors. These cases should not be taken as a guarantee of what I could do for you, but only as evidence of my successful resolution of some very difficult matters for clients. I work hard for each of my clients and I believe my record of success speaks for itself.

December 2014: Public Indecency case reduced to Disorderly Conduct with fine only.

December 2014: Assault case dismissed.

December 2014: Failure to Stop for School Bus.  Case dismissed.

December 2014: Juvenile Domestic Violence and Assault reduced to Disorderly Conduct and then dismissed and sealed.

November 2014: Client charged with Resisting Arrest and No Ops after traffic stop.  Resisting Arrest dismissed and No Ops reduced to a minor misdemeanor temporary instruction permit violation.

November 2014: Driving Under Suspension dismissed for client’s plea to separate tag violation charge.  Costs only.

November 2014: Reckless Operation, Speeding 97/55, Falsification and Failure to Control.  Reduced to single ROMV and Equipment Violation with fine only.  No suspension.

October 2014: Domestic Violence and Assault reduced to Criminal Mischief, a property crime.

October 2014: Client involved in accident and charged with High Test OVI, Hit/Skip and Failure to Yield.  Successful in negotiating case to an impaired OVI and obtaining minimum penalties without jail time.

October 2014: Failure to Control.  Dismissed for costs.

October 2014: Construction zone speed of 73/55 reduced to no point 59/55.

September 2014: Successfull in expunging client’s dismissed charges of Domestic Violence and Assault.

September 2014: Receiving Stolen Property dismissed for payment of restitution.

September 2014: Hazmat and Traffic Control Device violations reduced to single Hazmat violation avoiding the traffic offense on the CDL record.

September 2014: Contributing to Delinquency of a Minor reduced to Disorderly Conduct.

September 2014: Juvenile speeding 86/70.  Case held open and dismissed.

September 2014: Traffic Control Device dismissed for safety course and costs.

August 2014: Client charged with first degree misdemeanor Failure to Comply with Order or Signal of an Officer.  Reduced to minor misdemeanor Resisting Enforcing Officer with no suspension, no points, and a $100 fine.

July 2014: Felony Possession of Molly.  Reduced to misdemeanor attempted possession.

July 2014: Client charged with Failure to Yield causing an accident.  Case dismissed for safety course and costs.

July 2014: Speeding 67/50 dismissed for safety course and costs.

June 2014: Failure to Yield case dismissed.

June 2014: Following Too Close reduced to Equipment Violation

June 2014: Failure to Yield to Public Safety vehicle reduced to Improper Passing with a fine only.

June 2014: Marked Lanes violation dismissed for safety course and costs.

May 2014: Successful in obtaining expungment of Resisting Arrest conviction over prosecutor’s objection.

May 2014: Speed and Driving Under Suspension reduced to single count of speed.

May 2014: Speeding 76/60 reduced to no-point 64/60.

May 2014: Speeding, Following to Close and Tag Violation reduced to single count of speed with $25 fine plus costs.

April 2014: Domestic Violence and Assault.  Dismissed.

March 2014: 64/45 reduced to 59/55 after client agreed to pay costs and complete online safety course.

February 2014: Speeding 41/25 dismissed.

February 2014: 51/35 reduced to muffler violation.

January 2014: Wrongful Entrustment case dismissed for community service.

January 2014: 60/45 which was client’s 3rd speed in 12 months reduced to no point 49/45.


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