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The chart below outlines some successes from 2007. No attorney can win every case, so individual results vary due to many factors. These cases should not be taken as a guarantee of what I could do for you, but only as evidence of my successful resolution of some very difficult matters for clients. I work hard for each of my clients and I believe my record of success speaks for itself.

December 2007: Felony receiving stolen property and identity fraud dismissed, expunged and sealed. Petitioned for client to be placed in a diversion program. Client was accepted and completed the program resulting in a dismissal.

December 2007: Client facing mandatory jail for Driving Under OVI Suspension. Negotiated to a $100 fine plus costs in lieu of jail. No probation.

December 2007: Client charged with Criminal Mischief and Menacing Threats. Set for trial. Case dismissed.

December 2007: Speeding 84 mph in a 65 mph zone. Case dismissed.

November 2007: Client faced felony charges of Marijuana Cultivation and possession. Negotiated to a misdemeanor possession charge with a fine, all jail time suspended, and no probation.

November 2007: Client charged with OVI and Failure to Comply with Officer’s Signal, which carries a mandatory 3 year suspension. Suppression motion filed. Charges reduced to a single count of Physical Control with fine, probation, DIP, and 6 month license suspension with privileges. No ALS.

November 2007: CDL driver facing serious traffic violation for speeding 16 mph over the limit. Ticket reduced to no-point violation with $100 total fine.

November 2007: Felony case dismissed by the Court after the State rested its case at trial. Juvenile faced felony delinquency counts of Receiving Stolen Property – Auto and Receiving Stolen Property for being stopped driving a stolen car with stolen license plates. Successfully argued that the State failed to prove all necessary elements of the offenses.

October 2007: OVI reduced to reckless operation. $150 fine plus costs and all jail suspended for 1 year PNC (non-reporting probation). No driver’s license suspension during or after case.

October 2007: CDL speeding ticket dismissed upon agreement to pay court costs.

October 2007: Reckless operation successfully reduced to a speeding ticket.

October 2007: Client had warrant and faced 177 days in jail on a probation revocation. Client had previously plead guilty to OVI without an attorney. Worked with client to get warrant lifted and probation terminated without any jail time.

October 2007: Client charged with Reckless Operation. Ticket alleged speeds in excess of 110 mph. Reduced to a speeding ticket.

October 2007: Speeding ticket for 78 mph in a 55 mph zone. Dismissed upon client’s agreement to pay court costs.

October 2007: CDL Driver facing “serious traffic violation” of 52 in a 35. Speed reduced to 37 in a 35.

October 2007: Client charged with felonies of carrying a concealed firearm and illegal conveyance of firearm onto school property. Case dismissed.

October 2007: CDL Driver charged with Driving Under Suspension (DUS) and Speeding 70 in a 55. DUS dismissed. Speed reduced to 59 in a 55.

September 2007: Domestic violence and aggravated menacing case dismissed.

September 2007: Speeding ticket for 76 mph in a 65 mph zone. Case dismissed.

August 2007: Client charged with M-1 Failure to Reinstate, M-4 No-Ops, and Failure to Display Front Tag. Case dismissed with client’s agreement to pay $85 in court costs.

August 2007: Client charged with 1st degree misdemeanor Driving Under Suspension (DUS), No-Ops, and Failure to Signal (FTS). DUS and No-Ops dismissed. Admitted to minor misdemeanor FTS, $110 fine.

August 2007: Client charged with 1st degree Assault and Disorderly Conduct. Assault dismissed on plea to disorderly conduct, non-reporting probation and $100.00 fine.

August 2007: Client charged with 1st degree misdemeanor Driving Under Suspension and No-Ops. Case dismissed.

July 2007: Client charged with felony possession of cocaine. Case dismissed.

July 2007: Client received 2 speeding tickets within 8 days. Negotiated dismissal of 60 in a 35 for plea to 52 in a 35 on separate ticket. Client paid total of $129 in fines and costs and avoided multiple convictions on a driving record.

June 2007: Client charged with OVI and marked lanes violation. Breathalyzer test reading of 0.094. Suppression motion filed. After review of video evidence with prosecutor and the officer involved, ticket amended to reckless operation with client paying a fine and doing a DIP. No ALS reinstatement fee.

June 2007: Client charged with high test OVI for 0.253 breath test and facing mandatory jail time. Also charged with ACDA for rear-ending another vehicle. After negotiation with prosecutor, OVI charge amended to Reckless Operation and ACDA dismissed. $350 fine, 2 years non-reporting probation, 6 month license suspension and DIP. Client received driving privileges during and after the case without restricted plates.

June 2007: Sale of liquor to underage person. Client facing minimum $500 fine, plus potential for up to 6 months in jail. Negotiated directly with law enforcement officers to minor misdemeanor non-specific liquor law violation, $100 fine plus costs.

June 2007: OVI, running a red light, and failure to control for running into a wall. Due to prior DUI, Client faced a mandatory 20 days in jail. Negotiated to a stipulated 1st offense, $450 fine, DIP, 3 years probation, 3 years suspension with plates. All jail time was suspended.

May 2007: Juvenile charged with speeding 92 in a 65. Negotiated to no-point speed, $45 fine and teen driving program. No suspension if program completed.

May 2007: M-1 Hit / Skip and ACDA. Client charged with leaving the scene of an accident. Suspected of OVI but never charged. Hit / Skip dismissed for plea to ACDA, $100 fine.

April 2007: OVI, Improper Turn, and Seatbelt violation. Motion to suppress filed allowing negotiation to a Physical Control. $150 fine, 2 years probation with assessment and aftercare only if needed. Client received driving privileges during and after case.

April 2007: Hit / Skip and Failure to control after leaving the scene of an accident. Hit / Skip dismissed for admission to FTC, $150 fine.

April 2007: OVI, running a red light, and marked lanes violation. Client had prior OVI within 6 years reduced and was facing jail given the judge involved. After successful negotiation with the judge and prosecutor, jail avoided with a DIP, 2 year license suspension, probation for 1 year, and a $350 fine. No yellow license plates required for client’s driving privileges that were active during and after case.

April 2007: OVI, No-Ops, and marked lanes violation. Client faced mandatory 20 days in jail due to prior DUI. After suppression motion filed, client accepted first offer that included no jail time, $400 fine, 18 month license suspension, DIP, and probation for 2 years. No-Ops and marked lanes violations were dismissed.

April 2007: Client charged with 3 M-1 driving under suspension, an M-1 No-Ops, and speeding. Client also faced nearly 6 months in jail for violating probation on a prior similar case. Negotiated a dismissal of all charges on client’s agreement to pay court costs.

March 2007: Speed, 56 in a 35 construction zone. Demonstrated lack of jurisdiction to prosecutor, citing officer and the court. Case dismissed.

March 2007: Driving under FRA Suspension and ACDA. Client admitted to MM ACDA and driving under suspension was dismissed. $100 plus costs.

March 2007: Juvenile client faced Reckless Operation charge for Speeding 68 in a 35 and running a red light. Negotiated to an amended 50 in a 35 and a brake equipment violation. Reckless operation dismissed. $70 fine plus teen driver program.

February 2007: Truck driver with CDL charged with Speeding 67 in a 55. Negotiated to a non-moving equipment violation, $150 fine.

January 2007: Red light moving violation. Negotiated to a non-moving violation with fines and costs.

January 2007: Speed 81 in a 55. Client’s charge amended to non-moving, no-point equipment violation with $150 fine.

January 2007: Speeding 80 in a 65. Case dismissed.

January 2007: Client received traffic citation for failure to yield after an accident. Case dismissed.


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