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Record of Success

My goal for each client is to obtain the best possible outcome and to make sure clients understand what is occurring every step of the way. Results matter. I’ve successfully negotiated hundreds of cases and successfully tried and won “no-winners”. My clients have included doctors, attorneys, engineers, pilots, housewives, and professionals from many sectors, as well as homeless, poor, and down-on-their-luck individuals. Each client receives the same professional representation.

Recent Cases

The chart below outlines some recent successes. No attorney can win every case, so individual results vary due to many factors. These cases should not be taken as a guarantee of what I could do for you, but only as evidence of my successful resolution of some very difficult matters for clients. I work hard for each of my clients and I believe my record of success speaks for itself.

June 2015: Construction zone speed of 53/45.  Dismissed for safety course and costs.

June 2015: 3rd Offense within 1 year Speeding 69/45.  Reduced to no point 49/45.

May 2015: Juvenile Felony Burglary reduced to Theft and then dismissed and sealed.

May 2015: Client on probation for OVI charged with DUS and No Ops.  Plead to No Ops with fine only and avoided revocation of probation.

May 2015: Speeding 84/55 dismissed for safety course and costs.

May 2015: Speeding 82/65 dismissed for safety course and costs.

April 2015: Child Endangering.  Case dismissed for client’s completion of diversion.

April 2015: Physical control reduced to ROMV to avoid alcohol related offense.  Avoided license suspension and paid $100 fine plus costs.

April 2015: ACDA case dismissed.

April 2015: Domestic Violence and Assault reduced to criminal mischief, a property offense.

April 2015: Falsification reduced to Disorderly Conduct with $100 fine plus costs.

March 2015: Driving Under Suspension.  Case dismissed for court costs.

March 2015: Speeding 41/25 reduced to no point 29/25.

February 2015: Juvenile Theft reduced to Attempted Theft and then dismissed and sealed.

January 2015: Assault reduced to Disorderly Conduct.

January 2015: Speeding 38/20 School Zone.  Dismissed for safety course and costs.

January 2015: Hazmat and Traffic Control Device violations reduced to single Hazmat violation avoiding the traffic offense on the CDL record.


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