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DUI Videos and Evidence

With the proliferation of dashboard video cameras in police cruisers, it is common for DUI arrests to be captured on video.

The videos generally contain some portion of your driving, the traffic stop, the interraction with the officer, and the field sobriety tests. This evidence can be helpful to a DUI defense. However, it can also contain strong evidence for the prosecution. Because of this, it is important to be mindful of the camera if suspected of DUI.

Throughout the DUI stop and arrest, the officer will be making observations. Everything the officer witnesses may be used against you in court on the DUI charge. Aside from the traffic offense and field sobriety tests, the officer will likely talk to you about where you were, how much you have had to drink, or just generally chatting about whatever comes to mind.

Because the officer can use anything observed to help convict you of DUI, it is generally best to politely refuse to speak until you have consulted with an attorney.


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