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DUI Traffic Stop

The typical Columbus DUI case starts with a traffic stop. The officer observes a traffic violation and initiates the traffic stop. A DUI traffic stop can be initiated for many reasons, including speeding, marked lanes violations, failure to signal, and equipment violations.

The officer’s subjective motivation for the DUI traffic stop does not matter, only whether there are objective legal grounds to justify the stop, such as a traffic violation.

If the DUI traffic stop is for erratic driving, excessive speed, or any of a number of offenses which may indicate you are driving drunk, the officer is likely to treat the stop as a potential DUI. This means the officer will be making observations as to your physical appearance (blood shot eyes, disheveled clothing, odor of alcohol), your coordination during the interaction (slurred speech, fumbling for license/insurance), and your demeanor (acting drunk, talkative, aggressive). If the officer detects the odor of alcohol, they are likely to treat it as a potential DUI no matter what the underlying reason for the stop.

If the officer suspects a DUI, they will ask you to exit the vehicle to perform DUI field sobriety tests.


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