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If you, or a loved one, are charged with a DUI, I can help with professional, expert advice. As a Columbus DUI attorney, I work with clients to analyze their case, defend their rights in court, get driving privileges, and relieve the anxiety inherent in a DUI accusation. I represent clients in Central Ohio courts on DUI and related traffic offenses.

As difficult as a drunk driving charge is for you, it is equally as difficult for the state to prosecute. Evidence in a DUI case is part scientific and part common sense. There are specific statutes and regulations that mandate certain procedures. Without a thorough understanding of DUI laws, a defendant is seriously hindered when challenging the accusation in court. This is where a Columbus DUI attorney with an understanding of the detailed procedures involved can really make a difference.

I work with clients to understand exactly what occurred before, during, and after their DUI arrest. I also investigate the police allegations by reviewing police reports, breathalyzer records, and video tapes and by visiting the scene of the arrest when necessary. This information helps me defend clients by providing the basis for well-researched motions and effective negotiation with prosecutors and judges.

A thorough investigation and experience with the local court system coupled with a knowledge of the law leads to better resolutions for clients.

DUI / OVI Topics

The following pages provide some general information on Columbus DUI process and procedure. I work to ensure clients understand what is occurring during every step of the process and encourage clients to contact me with specific questions.

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