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Criminal Sentencing

If a defendant is found guilty at trial, or pleads guilty prior to trial, the judge determines the appropriate sentence. Sentencing is the official punishment imposed by the court for the criminal offense. This happens at a sentencing hearing. At the hearing, the prosecutor is given the opportunity to speak on behalf of the State. The defense attorney then speaks on behalf of the defendant to mitigate the offense. After hearing from both sides, the judge makes the decision.

There are numerous options that a judge has in sentencing someone convicted of a criminal offense. These options include probation, counseling, community service, jail/prison time, and a host of other options.

The charts below outline the general punishments for felonies and misdemeanors under Ohio’s general sentencing statutes.

Felony Punishments
Degree Prison Time Max Fine
1st 3-10 years $20,000
2nd 2-8 years $15,000
3rd 1-5 years $10,000
4th 6-18 months $5,000
5th 6-12 months $2,500
Misdemeanor Punishments
Degree Max Jail time Max Fine
1st 6 months $1,000
2nd 90 days $750
3rd 60 days $500
4th 30 days $250
5th no jail $150


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